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Client Testimonials

"Phillip Hardy and The Script Gymnasium has been an amazing in every sense of the word! He really took the time to listen to my vision and individuality and helped guide me through my first ever screenplay pitch, providing invaluable feedback and encouragement every step of the way despite my endless amount of questions.  Not only did he stay with me through my first pitching sessions, he also was there to offer even more wisdom when I received my first feedback for it, guiding me on how to tailor it more towards specific producer's and agencies wants. The experience and knowledge that I learned from him has been absolutely enlightening and will definitely be something I'll continue to use in my continued screenwriting endeavor." 

~Tim Mihocik


"I'm an independent film producer in Los Angeles. I have had the pleasure of shopping some of Phillip Hardy's original screenplays. Phillip is original in his ideas, knows his structuring and dialog better than many writers I have worked with. He scripted memoirs from a book I am developing and brought them to life in screenplay format. Before my efforts began, Phillip was agreeable to make additions I felt were important. Some major agency coverage comments were, "with this character, an A listed actor would relish to play this role and the role could well be an Academy Award opportunity.

With his astute ability to craft scenes and make a story believable, a producer would be fortunate to have Phillip on their team, option his material and most certainly offer script notes."

~Steve Roeder
President, Producer
Awesome Entertainment and Marketing LLC


"Thanks to Phillip's services I am clear for the first time on what I must do in my rewrites! As I am still in the process of learning the craft, all I had before was a nagging feeling that something was not right (or a few somethings), now I have the tools I need to move forward, cut through the crap, and get a script done! He paid greater attention to detail than any other service I've used and also gave more thorough feedback. I am very grateful!"


~Winter Lauzon


"I had a chance to experience Phillip's skills as a consultant first hand. He has a simple and direct way to approach feedback which suited me. He very quickly spotted areas that needed work in my script and helped me recognize and improve what was lacking in clarity. He works promptly and his manner is very personable. He's also generous with his time. He doesn't shy away from offering pointed constructive criticism about character, plot and dialogue. I don't hesitate to recommend him for anyone seeking great comments delivered in a distinctive way. "


~Annie MacDonald


"Your key points will help this story find its legs and escape from the manuscript. A metamorphosis is in progress. You really helped."

~Dale Lippman


"I took a look at Phillip's profile to see what his screenwriting accomplishments include. I read what he writes on this site about the craft of screenwriting. I see what others have said about him with respect to the feedback he's given their work. Yeah, there are good reviews and bad reviews. Some are qualified and educated opinions, seasoned in the craft or experienced in the industry. But most are seasoned shit. For me, Phillip spent quality time giving what me and my writing partner believe is a valid critique. Phillip wasn't shy about what he thought were areas that needed work in spite of the praise he showered on us." 


~Bix Santana


"I tell you this because last night, as I was getting ready to turn in and prepare for today, I received an email from Phillip Hardy, and he’d returned my script to me, that I had requested him to review just a few days before. His evaluation of my project was EXACTLY what I needed. It was thorough, it was informative, and most of all, it reminded me of some areas that I had glossed over and forgotten, as I was engulfed with writing its content. Thankfully he pointed out a few important points that will not change my story—but improve the delivery of it to anyone who reads it."


~Stephen Barber


"Phillip Hardy critiqued my feature length script while I was applying to graduate programs. Not only did he deliver the notes on time, but he looked at the screenplay for what it was: an indie feature. Instead of telling explaining how to gear the script toward the mainstream market, he focused on what would improve the story, provided a full scorecard, as if it had been judged in a competition, and answered my questions afterwards.

His notes on the script pointed out the good and the bad. Hardy remained fair and professional where other writers would take the opportunity to re-tell the story to suit their personal tastes. He was detailed without being myopic and open minded without failing to point out flaws. It was clear that he spent time on my script instead of giving it a skim and offering generic advice.


I recommend his services wholeheartedly and without reservation. Not only did his advice improve the script, but also guided my career goals and improved my overall understanding of storytelling."

~Tony Cella

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